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Executive Buying Newsletter January 2, 2023

We are holding GLD and CAT from our previous update. We have removed BA,METS, MSFT, SBUX, TLT and VMO. We are adding 1 additional company this week. The model is also signaling a 62.5% cash position. So Gold, a defensive stock and mostly cash to start the new year.

We are adding Lockheed Martin Corp (SYMBOL:LMT) The closing price on December 30, 2022 was $486.49

Thank you for putting your trust and time into my ability to create a model that will hopefully add value to all of us. I've started this journey in 2000 as a Nasdaq Market Maker. I also worked as a Proprietary trader, Financial Advisor and currently I manage a hedge fund. I have learned many lessons throughout my career and still continue to learn to this day. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you via this newsletter.

Best of Luck!

Dominick Manaro


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